Telegram chat bots

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Telegram chat bots

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On this page you can find some of Telegram chats bots on which i worked.

Telegram chat bot - Services Connect

A Telegram bot that will help connect service providers and clients within the group (channel)

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Telegram chat bot - Order manager

This is a Telegram chat bot that help a shop to manage its orders. Admin can add, edit, or delete products with prices then clients can orders products directly inside the bot. Once a product is ordered the chat bot will automatically notify the admin that an order has been made.

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Telegram chat bot for managing access to a group

This is a Telegram chat bot made with PHP that manage a group. Once a user join a group the bot send a message to tell the member he must share the group before send messges inside the group. If the user send messages without asharing the group, the bot will automatically delete it.

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